Time Code
Time Code
1984’s Timecode continues the series in the re issue of Patrick Moraz’s back catalog.

This album is considered by many to be possibly the most pop oriented release from Patrick Moraz although it rather depends on your definition of the word pop.
The album features Bill Bruford on electronic percussion on the track Life In The Underworld.

Other tracks to feature on this album are No Sleep Tonight and Black Brains Of Positronic Africa.

As with all the albums in this series of re issues Patrick Moraz has personally re-mastered this album for release.
1. No Sleep Tonight (5:04)
2. I Want U (4:02)
3. Beyond The Pleasure (3:49)
4. Life In The Underworld (4:17)
5. Overload (3:33)
6. Elastic Freedom (In Search Of) (4:18)
7. Black Brains Of Positronic Africa [Instrumental] (5:05)
8. Shakin’ With A Passion (4:06)
9. You Are The Vision of My Dream (5:07)
10. No Sleep Tonight – (remix) (5:06)
11. Black Brains Of Positronic Africa – (remix) (6:00)