Moraz Live / Abbey Road
Moraz Live / Abbey Road
Released in 2012 by Floating World - The legendary John DeBella introduces a 'one-off' concert by Patrick Moraz in the fabled Abbey Road Studios in London.

"Keyboard wizard Moraz (Refugee, Yes and Moody Blues) recorded this material live at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in 1987. The session lasted exactly one hour, with the first 11 tracks performed entirely in one recording. All music and themes, arrangements, electronic orchestrations, drums and percussion playing and programming, sounds sampled, loops composed and sequenced by Patrick Moraz."

1. Spoken Introduction
2. Overture/Electronica Classica

3. Night Lights
4. Scoops of Love
5. Molecular Symphony 1st Movement
6. The Godmother Theme
7. Age du Tertiaire
8. Stresslessness
9. A Night in Kyoto
10. Live Interview of Patrick Moraz

11. Piano Soul O

12. Late Night Run

13. The Space Between

14. Molecular Symphony 4th Movement (Revised) Mysterioso/Allegro